Receive Orders

Receive Orders

We receive orders in a variety of ways:


Your customers place orders via an online shopping cart on your website. These orders then transfer into our warehouse systems for immediate processing. We can download orders from your existing shopping cart, or we can develop a complete e-commerce solution for you.


You and your staff enter orders in an online portal. The orders then download directly into Midpoint’s system.


You and/or your customers email an order to our order-processing center.


You and/or your customers send mail orders directly to your company name at our PO Box or street address.


If you sell to major retailers in any volume, they may require EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transmissions. Many now also require ASN’s (Advance Shipping Notices) that list every item in each carton. We cover both of these requirements for our Midpoint fulfillment clients every day.


Your customers call a dedicated 800 number that is answered in your name by Midpoint representatives.


From you or your staff calling us to place an order.


You and/or your customers fax an order directly to your dedicated fax line at Midpoint.

Midpoint National was founded in 1988 as an order fulfillment services provider. From the outset we built the business by creating customized IT systems and technology to meet unique client needs.

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